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milan \ ace \ – Rector of Milan Polytechnic University, Ferruccio residenceShe hosted a meeting at the university yesterday, December 6, with the Italian ambassador to the United States, Mariangela Zappiawhich he also attendedUniversity of Milan La Statale, University of Milano-Bicocca, Humanitas University and Bocconi University.
On this occasion, the reports of the embassy, ​​Zabia, indicated the importance, in the current geopolitical scenario, of Scientific and technological cooperation between Italy and the United Statescentral to the partnership between our two countries.
In particular, the increase in the number of agreements between the primary institutions of the two countries was mentioned, such as the agreement signed between the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN). ) and MUR in the field of fundamental physics, and more recently the agreement between NSF and MUR on artificial intelligence. It also highlights the ongoing collaboration between universities and research centers in Italy and the USA in sectors such as life sciences, health technologies, basic sciences, earth and environmental sciences and the most innovative technological fields.
in the field of High formationThe opportunity to intensify the promotion of the Italian university system in the United States was shared, with the participation of the universities of both countries, the associations of American universities and the Italian side of the MUR and the Conference of Deans (CRUI).
Opportunity was also at the heart of the discussion Promote the excellent quality of Italian research In the United States of America and American investments in the leading sectors in Italy, favoring intense relationships with innovative ecosystems in the United States.
In this context, the Ambassador pointed to the opening of Innovit in San Francisco, the first Italian “Center of Innovation and Culture” abroad, as a crucial resource for the promotion of diversified research and innovation, while offering qualified services in one of the most competitive ecosystems. on the planet.
In addition to the ambassador and the rector of the university, the meeting was attended by: Politecnico di Milano Stefano Ronchi, University Delegate for International Affairs. Gianluca Valenti, Rector’s Delegate for International Relations with North America; Daniel Roque, Rector’s Delegate for Corporate Relations and Promotion of Strategic Agreements Joint Research Centers (JRC); Luigi DiNardo, Vice President, FPM US; Enrico Dellucci, CEO, PoliHub; toLa Statale University of Milan: Mariabia Abracio, Vice-Chancellor of the University with a delegation for research and innovation. Antonella Baldi, university advocate for internationalization; toUniversity of Milan – Bicocca: Marco Orlandi, Vice-Chancellor of the University; Salvatore Torrisi, University President for Research Promotion; For Humanitas University: Marco Montursi, Rector; Giorgio Ferrari, CEO; Luigi Terracciano, Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization; Ilaria Fava, Head of the International Bureau; FinallyBocconi University Andrea Phosphori, Dean of the Doctoral School in charge of Innovation. (aise)

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