Although he just arrived from Thailand after participating in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, President Gabriel Borik will head to Mexico on Tuesday to participate in the Pacific Alliance summit. TPP11 was the subject again during his time in Asia, after signing a memorandum with Canada. In this sense, the former foreign ministers had pressured him to finally deposit the treaty.

President Gabriel Borik will travel to Mexico on Tuesday to participate in a summit Pacific Alliancehaving formed part of APEC in Thailand.

The executive branch struck a positive balance with this latest appointment, despite the fact that it is Canada will not sign so-called side letters under TPP11.

“Things went well for us.”which was repeated among government authorities at the end of the fifth international tour of Borik, who first appeared before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum.

The President took advantage of the meeting to speak with various leaders of the current and implementing economies Final Steps Before Depositing the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty.

TPP11: Former Foreign Ministers and Borik’s Efforts

Although Canada will not sign side letters, despite the known relationship between Borik and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it has already signed Memorandum with the dispute resolution mechanism.

On this point, former Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz pointed out “The most surprising thing is that in the joint declaration between the two countries, it was recognized that TPP11 contains strong guarantees of our regulatory rights and sovereignty.”

“This is contrary to the criticism we have heard from the government regarding the investment chapter of TPP11,” he added in this regard.

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on another plane, Former Secretary of State Ignacio Walker highlighted the executive’s tone at this summit. For this reason, he hopes that this will be preserved with regard to foreign trade and with regard to international treaties.

In this context, he highlighted two policies that could be implemented soon: Update on the Agreement with the European Union and the TPP11 Deposit.

Burek himself answered this, emphasizing it Chile is “involved more than ever” in the world. In addition, he ruled out discrepancies in the text signed with Canada.

“We do not question the need for international treaties or for open trade, but rather how to protect just, equitable, sustainable and sustainable models of social development over time.”He said.

Borek’s trip to Mexico to the days of your father

This Tuesday, the stadium director will head to Mexico to participate in an activity for the Pacific Alliance, where he will also be visiting It is scheduled to visit the country’s Congress.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonia Origola, presented the hopes that exist in this new presidential round, affirming them “Chile is very interested in promoting this platform.”

“We hope that five thematic declarations related to regional integration and the social agenda will be signed.”Secretary of State detailing the President’s visit.

Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Honduras were also invited to this summit, and Parliamentarians and businessmen are expected to travel with Gabriel Boric.

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