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According to one report, many women who live there are uninstalling so-called periodic apps on their smartphones in response to the current abortion policy in the USA. The reason is the fear that the application’s data will be used in future criminal proceedings, as reported by the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

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Accordingly, this development began already at the beginning of May, when rumors appeared about the tightening of abortion laws in the United States. On June 24, the Conservative majority of the Supreme Court overturned the previously applied basic ruling “Roe v. Wade” from 1973.

Several Republican-ruled states effectively banned abortions immediately upon the decision. That’s why many women now seem to have to separate their menstrual cycle data from apps.

With the help of cycle trackers, as the apps are also called, a woman can monitor her cycle. For example, there are indications of family planning or health problems. In addition, they can enter various additional information, such as menstrual pain or their health. All such data can be subject to legal investigations in the future, provided that the state adjusts its legal basis accordingly.

According to the Guardian report, the apps Flo from the USA and Clue from Germany alone have more than 55 million users in the US. What’s more, according to a 2019 survey published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly a third of American women use cycle apps.

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First responder

Given last week’s legal earthquake and the concerns it raised, Flo at least announced the introduction of “anonymous mode.” This is to ensure data protection. But there are many other application developers who also have to take into account the new needs.

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The Guardian report also notes that apps from the same smartphone manufacturers could also be sources of risk. Apple also offers its own cycle tracker in its Health app.

In any case, women’s rights organizations are warning people to be extra careful about data in the digital space. This is especially true now in the case of period trackers in the United States. (small spoon)

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