ADFC on bicycles on public transport

The ADFC believes that restricting bicycle movement on local transport in the summer months is a bad idea. Photo: ADFC / Gloger

The ADFC Cycling Club criticizes the concept of a nine-euro ticket for buses and trains in local and regional transport as being too short-lived and calls for the expansion of public transport, especially in rural areas. The ADFC clearly rejects the proposal to restrict bicycle transportation to local transportation in the summer months.

Stuttgart – The federal government urgently needs to develop long-term concepts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and to promote more climate-friendly transportation, says Anne-Katherine Schneider, Federal Director General of the Abu Dhabi Film Center. Not enough time-limited work in the summer months. In our opinion, in the face of multiple crises, residents are quite willing to change their commuting behavior and reduce driving – if there are good alternative offers.

That’s exactly where the problem lies, Schreiber says. “Car alternatives are not attractive enough to many people because politicians have prioritized the car for decades and neglected the bus, train, foot and bike.”

Improving public transport services and interfaces

Thus, the ADFC criticizes the nine-euro ticket. It’s a very short-term offer and not a sustainable one – because a cheap ticket doesn’t change anything about poor public transport availability, especially in rural areas. “It will be more important to make public transportation cheaper in the long run, improve interfaces with bicycles, footprints and car sharing, and significantly expand supply in rural areas,” Schneider says. “We need a show that also inspires people to ride the bus and train in the future.”

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Bicycle-restricted transport – a disaster for bike tourism

On the other hand, the suggestion to restrict bicycle transportation on local transportation in the summer months is downright absurd. This means a disaster for periodic tourism of economic importance. According to ADFC Bike Tour analysis, about 5.3 million people used the train to travel on daily bike trips and bike tours in 2021. The summer months are of course the prime season for bike tourism. “It would also be a disaster in terms of climate policy if all these climate-friendly travelers were forced to drive instead of taking the train to the Baltic Sea Bike Route, to Allgäu or to Lake Constance in 2022,” the Federal Director-General notes.

Expand the parking spaces for bicycles and make it easier to take them with you

“And for thousands of commuters, too, cycling on the S-Bahn or the express regional train is the only way to get to work without a car and in a climate-friendly way.” Therefore, local transport places and bike parking at train stations are in dire need of expansion. The bicycle carriage should not be restricted, but, on the contrary, should be easier and better – this is the order of the day.

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