Abortion: Pro-life groups march on CDMX amid controversy in US

Thousands of anti-abortion protesters demonstrated in Mexico City on Saturday to demand a ban on abortion in the midst of controversy in the United States, whose Supreme Court could reverse that historic right.

At the rally at the Revolution Memorial, activists celebrated the “good news” of this week’s leaked draft ruling in which the US Supreme Court would overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, recognizing a constitutional right. for abortion.

“It took 50 years, 50 years they have been working to realize this tiny possibilityFrida Espinosa, co-founder of the conservative JUVI association, stated in order to reflect what abortion has also brought to our country.

Demonstrators left the Revolution Monument to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), where They accused the prime minister, Arturo Zaldivar, of being against life.

There they criticized the rulings of the Supreme Council of Journalists in September 2021 He declared the abortion ban unconstitutional, supported the release of those held because of it, invalidated the Conscientious Medical Appeal Act and denied that states could declare the onset of life “since conception.”

“Welcome to institutions and individuals who seek to find easy ways for pregnant women, and to invite them to have an abortion, makes him a partner in future psychological problems in women who have miscarried and killed,” a petition from the association said. Activation.

The demonstration is taking place while the abortion debate in the United States has replicas in Latin America, which in recent years has progressed in recognizing this right in countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

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