Abenader: Pedernales will be an example of development in Latin America

“In 20 years, if they follow the plans we have made, flint It will be an example of developing Latin america‘, the president said on Thursday Louis Abenader After leading many events that constituted an important step in Cabo Rojo . development projectAnd Flints.

The president expressed himself on these terms in an act in which he granted credits to 100 of the county’s sheep and goat producers. flint.

initiative in it Special Fund for Agricultural Development whose motto was “Chafu in goats“.

“I assure you in five years time flint “I’m in trouble,” said the president, before the “Four More Years” slogans from those who attended the event, as the president said.

Abenadr He promised to return to the province in a few months to hand over thousands of addresses “so that they are ready for and benefit from the upcoming development.”

Announcing the Ministries Initiative Environment s tourism For the development of areas where a large influx of tourists is expected, as well as the development of highways through the Ministry of public works.

Today the President has exhausted an agenda related to a development project red headAnd flintthrough which the government expects progress in the entire Enriquí region.

Previously Abenadr led the first bite of Cabo Rojo port, A cruise port with an investment of $70 million in which private capital is involved.

Subsequently, he presided over the start of the water and sanitary works for the project which includes a sewage network with an investment of 1,185 million pesos.

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