A Venezuelan woman and her two children were killed in Colombia

The house where the victims lived in Santa Marta, in Magdalena Department, Colombia / Photo: Courtesy of (La Nación)

On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 24, authorities reported the discovery of three lifeless bodies inside a house in the Vila Concha sector, in Santa Marta, the capital of Magdalena Province, northeastern Colombia.

The La Nacion Tacirence newspaper indicated that among the victims were a Venezuelan woman known as Beatrice Lizarazo, aged 32, and her two children, aged eight and five, who were stabbed.

Lizarazu’s sister found the bodies. Noting the absence of his relative, he went on his search and came across the scene: bloodied corpses lay on the bed.

Santa Marta police are trying to establish whether this unfortunate event was caused by an emotional affair, as the woman appears to have had conflicts with her former romantic partner and stepfather to the children.

The authorities are looking for the suspect

The man, known as Luis Emero Cuesta Abadia, a native of Rio Susio (Choco), a man known as “Choquano”, is presumed to be wanted as the prime suspect in the deaths of the woman and children. In fact, the local mayor’s office has arranged up to 10 million rewards for anyone who provides information leading to his arrest.

According to the first versions, the triple crime could have been committed by the offender with a kitchen knife. After committing the crime, he fled in an unknown direction. He learned that the woman was a teacher.

Several members of the Metropolitan Police and members of the Technical Investigative Corps of the Santa Marta District Attorney’s Office in uniform traveled to the scene to find the person responsible and determine the motives for the triple crime.

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