A study revealed that TikTok is the most environmentally friendly social network

A study published in BanklessTimes compared how the largest social media platforms, including tik tokand Facebook and InstagramIt affects the environment with its carbon dioxide emissions. The study noted that TikTok is the social network that emits the most carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Carbon emissions come from the amount of energy needed to store contentThe most influential news source for any social network in terms of CO2 emissions is said to come from TikTok, Because it includes continuous downloading of videos.

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Why tik tok And other social networks that affect the environment?

  • BanklessTimes study uses a source from Statista To show that TikTok is emitting more carbon into the atmosphere. The research was conducted based on tests conducted in 2021 to measure the news of the 10 most used social media apps.
  • The original BanklessTimes study focused on carbon emissions, But there are many other factors that make up an organization’s ecological footprint.

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  • Jonathan Merry, CEO of BanklessTimes, isDo you agree that most users do not think of social networks as an environmental problem?. But this research shows how much that impacts, and how choosing which platforms to use can have a big impact.
  • According to Bankless Times, the accuracy of the numbers cannot be assured, Since the study taken as a basis for its realization from 2021. However, they say it’s interesting to think about social media platforms from a new perspective.
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