A series of robberies in the Tübingen region: the arrest of an alleged gang member years after the crime – Baden-Württemberg

The man has now been arrested. (Icon picture) Photo: IMAGO / onw-images / IMAGO / Marius Bulling

A man allegedly involved in a series of robberies was arrested in the Tübingen region in 2015 in Bavaria. the details.

Several years after a series of bike thefts and robberies in the Tübingen region, an alleged partner in Bavaria was arrested and detained. Customs officials noticed the current arrest warrant against the 44-year-old during a traffic check on Autobahn 3 near Parsberg (Newmarket district in the Upper Palatinate) on Thursday, police and the attorney general announced on Tuesday. The man was temporarily arrested and handed over to officers from Reutlingen Police Headquarters.

The suspect is said to have been part of a gang that has committed hundreds of motorcycle thefts and dozens of robberies since 2015. Ten men were arrested in 2016 and 2017 and sentenced to several years in prison. An arrest warrant was also issued for the now-arrested group member in 2016. The man is said to have been responsible for transporting the stolen bikes to Bosnia.

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