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It’s a shocking record, as I realized that time and luck together can be the difference between living or falling into the jaws of a predator.

Getting up with the left foot is a commonly used wisdom. The scientist, who almost threw herself into the mouth of a shark, was well on her boat, moreover, luck was on her side.

Hawaii is a paradise place where tourists and scholars conduct their activities separately. I enjoy the environment and marine life. Others keep it.

One of the oceanographic researchers specifically participated in those activities, when life gave her a second chance.

The recently released shocking video confirms it just like that. Everything was shared on .’s Instagram page Ocean Ramsay. By the way, its name is largely consistent with its activity in favor of the species of the marine world.

Almost in the mouth of a shark: a scientist, miraculously alive

The episode about how Ocean Ramsey nearly got into the mouth of a shark has been one of the most talked about in recent days in cyberspace.

The shocking record spread widely because the protagonist decided to share the revealing moment with her followers on social networks.

Shown in her snorkeling gear, Ramsay is ready to jump into the ocean to explore sharks that are awesome and also scary. He works for One Ocean Diving and is based in Oahu, Hawaii.

Dressed in a blue suit and other clothes, the world was ready to conquer the sea in a new plunge. Behind her, someone recorded the moment. Between the distractions, the woman looks back and to the sides. When he fuses it forward, ready for a dip, the unexpected comes.

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About to take off with her head bowed into the water, a huge creature’s shadow stopped her, all of a sudden, causing her to go back a few steps to flee the attack. He was just about to finish the appetizer of a giant shark that pulled out its huge jaws and left nothing, almost before the rapid movement of its prey.

“I’ve always loved to see her white belly come out of the depths and in this case it’s what gave his stature away.”announced shortly after the world.

Nikki: The shark that almost ate a world

“We love Tiger Shark Queen Nikki’s enthusiasm for greeting @oceanramsey 😂 Ocean Read a quick and accurate approach, and knowing when to back off respectfully”. These are the words of @juansharks, one of his fellow ocean adventurers.

In his writings, he asserted that the predator is an old acquaintance of the boat. Nikki, is the name given to the tiger shark specimen.

Meanwhile, scientist Ocean Ramsay described her friend’s behavior in another video, explaining that she was not looking to attack her, although the video clearly shows how she was about to fall into the mouth of a shark.

He emphasized, however, that the whole thing was a “spy jump” made by the sharks, with which they try to learn about their environment on the surfaces.

“Moments after the video I posted on my last post, I saw a shark hitting a floating plastic, so I ran and that was my compliments.”Ramsey confirmed. They both seem to have made things easier after Nikki’s scary reception.

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The environment is so drained that the scientist and her white-bellied friend meet in two different ways. The first, not very friendly, because, according to the author of the video, there was cloudy water, bird activity and the presence of an Opelu fish under the boat, which attracted Nikki.

“…make this day even more exciting with fish and sharks practically jumping out of the water”.

In the mouth of a shark: why do they attack the beaches and more

It doesn’t happen often, but news of shark attacks, especially on beaches, is always shocking.

To find out what motivates these marine animals to target humans, the journal Interface (Royal Society) put this behavior in perspective last year, in order to understand sharks, at least one of their species.

“From the point of view of a great white shark, neither movement nor shape allow for a clear visual distinction between shark and humans”.

In addition to relying on this display error, which caused Scientist Ramsay to nearly shoot herself in the mouth of a shark, the researchers in the aforementioned publication cling to shark attack statistics, to point out that they are not as common as sharks. The University of Florida placed them at 60 in 2020, globally. It is necessary to bear in mind that it was the year of the epidemic.

“It is the first study to analyze this theory from a great white shark’s visual point of view.”. They used “videos taken from the shark’s point of view and processed with software to mimic it,” as described by Laura Ryan, a biological sciences researcher, whose words were repeated by vanguard.

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Meanwhile, Nikki and the ocean stayed as close as ever.

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