A school in the United States refuses to obtain a diploma for a student carrying the Mexican flag العلم

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Thanks to social media Videos have gone viral in which actions are denounced that may upset many, This is the case of the young man who decided to upload a clip on Twitter where he confirms that his cousin did not receive a diploma, this is at a party se Conducted in a high school in North Carolina, USA.

A few days ago he implemented graduation party in high school Asheboro in North Carolina, United States, where a female student decided to dress with pride, Along with his blue hat and robe, he had the flag of Mexico, but this made the teachers decide not to give him his diploma.

The moment was captured by a video posted to Twitter by Adolfo Hurtado, the boy’s cousin who did not get his degree. The young man forms in class as the other classmates wait to receive the document, however, when it is his turn, he is rejected.

“Twitter guys, make this spread fast. The Headmistress, Mrs. Benny Crooks, denied my cousin his diploma for causing ‘inconvenience’ at the graduation party.”

So far, the tweet has already garnered more than two thousand retweets and more than three thousand likes from people who oppose it For what happened in that high school in the United States.

After the video went viral, The school decided to publish a statement on Twitter, in which it clarified that the diploma was not awarded to the young man Because he violated the dress code for the event.

The student did not abide by the dress code set for the event and underestimated the importance and majesty of the celebration. Our dress code is in place to ensure that the event’s dignity and fairness are preserved for all students.”

On the other hand, the school made it clear that The incident was not related to the Mexican flag that the young man was carrying.

“It is not about the Mexican flag. Students are encouraged to express their identity by decorating their hats. Many students followed protocol and appropriately displayed the Mexican flag and other displays during the ceremony.”


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