A room can be rented at Forum55 in Bühler for events

As reported by Buehler municipality, the room at Forum55 can be rented for events and meetings. Clubs can use the room for free.

The municipality of Buehler has rented the building at Forum55. The front is sub-leased to the Kafi55. The toy library is now in the next room, and the Parents Counseling Center is on the first floor.

The back of the room can be rented at Cafe 55 for events and meetings. They are equipped with a refrigerator, coffee maker, crockery and mugs. The kitchen can also be shared.

Clubs from the Bühler community can use the room for free. If necessary and after consultation with Cafetim, Cafe 55 can take over the catering. Anyone interested in the forum space can contact the municipal administration.

Reservations are accepted and responded to via email or phone. For inquiries related to Kafi55, you can contact the Kafi55 team directly.

We welcome Forum55 ideas

Forum55 can also be further developed. The board welcomes input and ideas.

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