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Gryncar fetch from Buying and selling virtual cars Positive, safe and calm experience for users. This platform has attracted the attention of merchants such as: Continautos, Automercol, Metrokia, Autogalias and Madiautos, who have become its allies.

(Twitter removes the app on Mac and other Apple operating systems.)

According to information from the National Sustainable Mobility Association (ANDEMOS), during 2021, 1,134,636 transfers were made, 250,497 new cars were registered, and as of February 2022, 196,913 transfers and registrations were made, an increase of 15 % compared to the same period of the previous year. None of these transactions were digital, which presents an opportunity for Gryncar.

Customers from any city in Colombia can access GrynCar.com, if they want to buy or sell their vehicles, whether new or used. The cars available on the platform are the property of GrinCar.com and from nationally accredited allies, all of whom have been thoroughly vetted. Currently, we have more than 400 vehicles and by June we are counting more than 1,200 vehicles available, becoming one of the major platforms in terms of 100% resident vehicle volume,” said Patricio Villalba, co-founder and CEO of Gryncar.

Of course, in this process of digital transformation, for users who want to get advice in person, GrynCar has experience points at Unicentro Shopping Center in Bogotá And soon in Fontanar Shopping Center and other cities in the country.

(Estratek, Colombian start-up accelerator).

It should be noted that the autotech company joins motorsport, sponsored by the National Sports Promise and Colombian driver Nicolas Baptiste, in the European Formula 3, one of the preliminary classes of Formula 1.

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