A new after-school care center has opened in Schwanden

As announced by the municipality of Glarus-Sud, a new after-school care center for primary school students will open from August 15, 2022 next to the Schwanden nursing home and retirement.

From the 2022/23 academic year, Young Life will come to the vacant building adjacent to the Schwanden Pension and Geriatric Nursing Home, which was purchased by Glarus Süd municipality. The school offers a second location for after school care and lunch there.

The demand for day care places for young children in the Schwanden region has increased steadily in recent years. Chinderburg Schwanden looks after children from three months old in nursery school as well as kindergarten and primary school children in an after-school care centre.

However, due to increased demand, the Chinderburg Schwanden buildings no longer provide enough space for all children who need care. Accordingly, the waiting list for nursery children has steadily increased. Over the years, it has become increasingly clear that a long-term solution to the welfare situation in the Schwanden region must be found.

25 children can be cared for

In accordance with the decision of the municipal council on March 10, 2022, the new after-school care center at Buchen 31 in Schwanden will open its doors on August 15, 2022. This provides space for 25 children, has infrastructure suitable for people with special needs and is approximately 100 meters walking distance in the area Immediately adjacent to Schwanden Primary School.

The lunch table must also be available to students from the upper school, because the lunch table in the youth office at Glarnersteg will be cancelled. Meals are taken from the kitchen of the Schwanden retirement home.

Nursery and kindergarten children will continue to be cared for in Chinderburg Schwanden, while primary school children will attend an after-school care center in Schwanden from the 2022/23 school year.

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