A group of vandals attacked the facilities of Panamericana Televisión

Renato Canales, general editor of Prensa de Pan American TVLast Monday, I condemned the attack by a group of vandals with stones on the headquarters of the aforementioned channel, located at 11 avenues from Arequipa Street, in the Cercado de Lima. This is in the middle A day of demonstrations in the capital and various regions as a result of the serious political crisis.

In an interview with Al-Watan newspaper, he said, “They chanted slogans against the canal and threw several stones that destroyed the main door made of glass.” PTR.

He explained that the windows of the second and third floors of the press studio were damaged. “The dangerous thing is that we have no security at this time, there is only one patrol car, we have private security, and no more police reinforcements have arrived. I ask that you please come and back up here.”

Renato Canales explained that they are trying to get pictures where you can glimpse the moment these unscrupulous individuals bought gasoline at a faucet located about seven blocks from for American countries.

destruction in other media

The editor also mentioned that these people also destroyed facility satellites America TV s N channel.

Anyway, we know that this was a slogan from people associated with the previous government. This situation is strange to anyone, because language and hate speech Pedro CastilloAnd the Hannibal Torres s Betsy Chavez against the media on countless occasions. They are somewhat intellectuals who are responsible for all this situation that is happening to the press.

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