A family traveled from Romania to Venezuela to visit Canaima

A family from Romania traveled to Venezuela to see Canaima:
Michael Dumitru

A family traveled from Romania to Venezuela to know Symbolic National Park Kanima. A destination in the state of Bolivar where tiktokersAnd the The YouTube And the influencers They created content and promoted the impressive nature, in the midst of a complex economic and political reality.

Michael Dumitru, a 38-year-old engineer, already had some knowledge of the country: he knew its location on the map, the critical political situation, a bit of history, and he’d watched videos of Angel Falls. But they were The “horrible things” I read on the Internet The people who ended up encouraging him to do it.

A family from Romania traveled to Venezuela to see Canaima:
Mihai Dumitru and his wife

“I wanted to come and see with my own eyes whether it was true or not,” he said to the National The influential, who arrived in Venezuela with his wife, Dianca, and two young children. “The trip was organized very quickly, and it did not take long to organize it. It was difficult to find someone to buy our airline tickets for domestic flights because as a foreigner I could not.”

Kanema left us speechless.

The family spent four days in the land of the ancestors, and another four days and two days in Caracas.

Kanema left us speechless. The road to Angel Falls, the people we met there, their hospitality was extraordinary. We spent four days at the Ucaima Eco Lodge with wonderful people, all from Venezuela, and another two nights in Caracas. We were surprised by their common sense and culture.

Mihai Dumitru in Kanima

Mihai mentioned that most of what he said What surprised them was Correara’s tour to Angel Falls. To reach the world’s highest waterfall, people must sail – for hours and a few stops at different places – in the river and then take another long way.

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They also liked the helicopter tour.

One of the best views

The traveler—who has traveled to Spain, Italy, Panama, Tanzania, the Seychelles archipelago, Finland, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, among other places—ranked Kanima National Park among the three best landscapes he’s seen so far. “When you reach and look at her for the first time you are speechless, it seems unreal”He expressed.

A family from Romania traveled to Venezuela to see Canaima:
Photo: Mihai Dumitru / video capture

wait Back to Venezuela someday s visit other destinations, known for their wide biodiversity, Such as the Orinoco Delta, Los Roc and Margarita Island. If possible, go back to Angel Falls.

I will definitely return to Venezuela, perhaps when I do I will see better things from a political point of view. I made some Venezuelan friends because of them I want your country to get out of the difficult situation where is she now “.

Caracas, Dubai in South America

Venezuela has huge potential, in terms of tourism and economy, being one of the countries with the largest oil resources. Caracas could have been Dubai in South America“, He confessed.

A family from Romania traveled to Venezuela to see Canaima:
Diana Dumitru

Mihai was born in 1984 in communist Romania. He knows what it means for a dictator to rule a country. You can easily see the difference between communism and capitalism in countries like South Korea and North Korea. It is like from heaven to earth. The power to change something is only in the hands of Venezuelans.”

Thus he noted that in 1989, when he was only five years old, millions of Romanians took to the streets and put an end to the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. But in the end for Traveling A must visit Venezuelaalthough he understands that because of the internal situation many people are afraid to do so.

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country, however, It is an expensive destinationAs he claimed.

They have traveled for several years as a family and the goal is to visit all countries of the world together. “I hope this dream will come true one day,” he concluded.

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