82 Volvo electric buses for Finland

batch of 82 Volvo buses Electric cars, the 7900, will arrive in Finland to promote electric mobility and zero-emissions cities. This is the largest order ever placed by Volvo buses in that country.

“We are accelerating our electric mobility ambitions and we have the ability and efficiencies to deliver small and large-scale solutions to cities that want clean and efficient solutions for people transport,” said Anna Westerberg, president of Volvo Buses.

Of the range of 82 Volvo electric buses, the assembly plant will deliver 61 units in Helsinki; Two other orders include 13 electric buses for Joensuu and eight for Savonlinna.

“We are particularly pleased with the greater demand in Helsinki, where we are now establishing a strong foothold for our complete electric mobility solutions,” explained Anna Westerberg.

In Helsinki, 19 Volvo 7900 electric buses will be demonstrated. All buses will have a low floor for easy and safe passenger access.

The articulated buses at the final station on the route will be recharged using a copier while the other 42 buses will use the overnight depot charging.

82 Volvo electric buses that are safe and reliable

One of the determining factors in choosing Volvo Buses as a partner in Finland was its focus on safety and reliability, as well as its long experience in implementing electric public transport solutions.

Customers also note other advantages, including a smooth and quiet driving experience.

Savonlinna is one of the first cities in Finland to require all-electric buses.

The delivery of eight Volvo 7900 Electric trucks to start traffic in early 2023 will be the city’s first electric buses.

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“We fully support Savonlinna in its first steps towards electrifying its public transportation. More and more cities around the world are looking to become There are no cities These requests show that Volvo Buses is in a strong position to support the same transformation in Finland”, says Petri Rikko, Director of Volvo Buses, Finland.

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