50 video games in the catalog by the end of 2022

The fact that in the headquarters Netflix You have a fair interest in the world Video games It is now known. In fact, in recent months, the video streaming giant has made headlines cell phone It is reserved for its subscribers on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and then others followed. However, in the near future, the catalog of Netflix games will be further enriched.

Netflix: 30 new video games will arrive by the end of the year

More precisely, according to a reference from an anonymous source in the Washington Post, Netflix would like to have it 50 video games In his catalog By the end of this year. Therefore, in the remaining months of 2022, it is reasonable to expect other things 30 new video games. Given the fact that they are included in the subscription to the service, and therefore, in fact, are free, the opportunity seems decidedly “greedy”.

It should be noted that Netflix is ​​trying to explore opportunities in gaming from all directions, but for now the main focus remains on mobile, considering the massive proliferation of smartphones and tablets and the inherent use of gaming titles in general. devices.

Certainly in the process of producing and releasing new games, the recent acquisition of Next Games will play a key role, the Finnish software house that Netflix managed to acquire last month and which in the past already dealt with the development of Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, a video game for smartphones and tablets inspired by One of the main advantages of the platform.

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