5 Keys to Finding Out If You Have a Billionaire Personality

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However, for the billionaire too Ray Daliowhich allows a person to stand out It’s not his character. why? It was found through attitude testing, designed with the help of professionals The world’s leading entrepreneurs and innovators have more in common than you think.

In his book The Principles: Life and Work, Dalio explains that when he retired as director of his company Bridgewater, the company ran into some problems, as the new leaders were overwhelmed, and although they were people with whom he had always worked, Nothing within the company was the same, so he had to go back.

Thanks to that crisis, the investor realized that he needed a responsible person with certain characteristics, called “character formation”. “A problematic is someone who presents and beautifully develops unique and valuable insights, usually out of skepticism and opposition from others.”Explanation of his book.

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Bill Gates.

5 Keys to Finding Out If You Have a Billionaire Personality

Dalio decided to find out more details about this type of character, so he contacted such cool characters as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Reed Hastings, among other things, to conduct personality assessments. And by analyzing the results, he was able to prove it Business leaders have shaped personalitiesThanks to their enjoyment of the following characteristics:

strong will

They focus on their goal and reach itYes, everything should be Almost perfect. “Sometimes, extreme determination to achieve their goals can make them seem abrasive or non-delicateWhich was reflected in the results of their tests. Nothing is ever good enough, and they confront the gap between what is and what could be either as tragedy or as an endless source of motivation.Dalio highlighted in his book.

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Elon Musk.

excessive curiosity

They want to understand and know everything, is a constant need to understand their surroundings. “They have very strong mind maps of how things work, and at the same time, a willingness to test those mind maps in the real world in order to Change the way they do things to make them work betterThe billionaire said.

limited resistance

They recover quickly from crises, stand up to criticism, and find ways to take advantage of chaos in order to move forward. He summed up, “their need to achieve what he envisions is stronger than the pain they suffer as they strive to achieve it.”

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Bill Gates.

overflowing with passion

During their appearances in the media, billionaires always talk about what’s going on happy What do they do with what they do, okay They don’t assume it’s a job or an obligation. For Dailo, the key to being different and lasting over time is passion.

They alternate between vision and detail

Although they have a general goal in mind, they are also They analyze every detail On how to make what they propose a reality, because They have the ability to see details – big or small – and synthesize them. “They have a wider range of vision than most people, either because they have that vision themselves or because They know how to get it from others who can see what they can’t seeDalio said.

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