4 years of Alexa in Italy, its evolution and success numbers

for users, Alexa is also an entertainment companion: Hours of music playback in 2022 I we will 400 million. The most requested songs are still Sanremo songs: first and foremost butterflies Sangiovanni, followed Where are you dancing? by Dargen D’amico e goosebumps By Mahmoud and Blanco.

At the regional level, although Lombardy is the number one region in Italy for active users, it is Mollys to prove himself Region in Italy with the highest growth of active users who used Alexa in 2022, +56%, while they are me bells to have Alexa chose to manage the smart home, up 62% Compared to 2021. And if there is no wonder it is Rome The first Italian province of a number of interactionsRemarkably, it was interrupted Agrigento To record the largest growth of +63% year-on-year.

Alexa, constant evolution

When it launched in the US in 2014, Alexa had only 13 functions available at the moment Hundreds of proud; At first he spoke only one language, and today instead Available in over 75 countries and in 9 different languages It can also detect multiple languages ​​at the same time. Not only that, he is also able to change his voice into a male voice, just say “Alexa, change your voiceAdditionally, thanks for developing Third party skillswhich today reaches even more 130 thousand in the world And beyond 5 thousand in Italy, Alexa is getting smarter.

Thanks to this continuous development, the homes of users in Italy are becoming more and more Connected , where is she Voice interaction is the easiest and most natural way to interact with technology. Thus, it becomes accessible to everyone. Indeed they were behind 1.8 billion interactions between smart devices and Alexa in 2022 In Italy.

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The secret to success: Alexa is intuitive and proactive

The numbers show the great success of Alexa in Italy, but why have users found an important reference point in their daily lives in Amazon’s voice assistant?

Alexa intuitive For everyone, it understands and reacts regardless of the individual’s accent, age, or knowledge of technology, and he too proactive: They are actually behind 600 million actions are performed through routines by Alexa instead of Italian userswho can say this year they have Save over 6 million hours Set timers with Alexa instead of unlocking your smartphone, order your favorite song to play instead of searching for it among various providers and turn lights on and off from the comfort of their couch with just a voice command.

Alexa herself has a gift for us. Users in italy who from november 6 until November 13th they’ll say “Alexa, Happy Birthday,” and in fact they’ll have the chance to get 3 months of audible Free, To discover thousands of new audiobooks, podcasts and audio assets. All that remains is to join in the choral celebration: “AlexaAnd the happy birthday!“.

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