3 TV Series Football Movies To Watch On Netflix

The football It is a passion for many Italians, who in addition to watching the matches of their favorite teams can also enjoy many Streaming TV series. In fact, shows focusing on the lives and events of soccer players and soccer teams are on the rise.

Besides the biopics and documentaries, there are also exclusive titles, where the characters are still part of the football world. Who wants to enjoy an evening different from the usual but accompanied by a beautiful evening Football-focused series, many titles can be found in Netflix. One of the most famous is Il Calciatore, the 2019 series that tells the life of Maradona. Rather, among the latest releases it stands out divine codeno, a documentary series on the life and exploits of Roberto Baggio. But there are many examples: from the English game to Pele: the king of football. How do you reconcile the many alternatives? there he is 3 football titles Unmissable, which can be found on Netflix.

The Divin Codino: a movie about Roberto Baggio

divine codeno Part of the June news on Netflix. The film focuses on the 22 years of the famous footballer Roberto Baggio’s career, and the film focuses on both football companies, both in his life, analyzed conflicts with various coaches, but also with his father. The film managed to show the different sides of the hero and his way to become one of the Italian football icons.

Maradona in Mexico: docu-series on the sample

to Maradona He tells himself a lot, and there are also many shows, series and movies that focus on his life. One of these is available on Netflix It is called Maradona in Mexico. It tells of the moment when a soccer player arrived in Culiacan, with a very clear mission, to save the local Dorados team.

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In recent months, Amazon has also announced that it is working on one Biographical TV series Hero. the address is Maradona – a blessed dream حلم It will come out soon. Three actors will play Maradona at different stages in his life and it will be Nazarino Casero (Escape History), Juan Palomino (Magnifica 70) and Nicholas Goldschmidt (Supermax).

Pele: The King of Football

The proposed third and final title focuses on other massive events soccer championAnd the pellet. Documentary Netflix He dwells on the life of the football player, whose real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. He achieved many successes in his life: he was the only one to win the World Cup three times, until he became a real national hero in Brazil. The path culminated with The national team won the World Cup from 1970.

The platform offers other titles for football fans, such as the Italian movie the sample a English gameA series that will appeal to fans and fans alike.

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