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The jurisdictions analyzed by this journal included regions with greater vulnerability to . That is, those that last year had a lower budget per capita More reports of theft or higher indicators of abuse. The list consists of Breña, Los Olivos, Independencia, Comas, San Luis, San Juan de Lurigancho, La Victoria, El Agustino, Rímac and Villa María del Triunfo.

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After reviewing 88 government plans corresponding to the parties competing for the municipal seat in the aforementioned directorates, the Data Journalism Unit in trade It found that five of the 10 most popular proposals for dealing with crime were already established as municipal functions or included in existing regulations or local citizen security plans.

This includes installing video surveillance cameras, coordinating with neighborhood councils, signing agreements with police or prosecutors, conducting integrated patrols with the Philippine National Police and hiring more Serenazo agents. [ver infografía].

Among the parties that most of them include in their government plans are Somos Peru, Peru Libre and Podemos Peru, which at the same time offer greater coverage of candidates in these places.

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Strategies that have not been implemented

Are the proposed measures to stop the wave of insecurity in the streets sufficient? For the former Deputy Minister of the Interior Ricardo Valdes, although coordination has already been taken up in local committees for citizen security, it is still pending to demonstrate compliance, as well as to ensure the financing of patrol work or serenazgo actions.

“Coordination space costs nothing, but must go hand in hand with a plan of action with indicators that can be monitored. Crime prevention and prosecution involves spending; if I want to become effective, I have to see how it is funded, not all municipalities have good collections If I want to become effective, I must measure how they plan to finance this scheme.”explains.

Leonardo Caparros, former head of the Advisory Cabinet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former president of INPE, adds that these measures are addressed in every election; However, they are made in a very general way and without the necessary details.

“They are all proposals that are repeated every four years, some at the level of the provinces or ministries. The added value will be that they are complying. This iteration means that they are not mature and are very basic, while the requirements of the city are more complex and lacking in detail. There are no new promises, but compliance for standard”Mentionsed.

Eduardo Pérez-Rocha, former head of the National Police, notes that the mayor’s responsibility for citizen security with the support of the police and organized society is already included in the Constitution and the Organic Law of Municipalities. However, he points out that the frequency of meetings and preparation of plans by the National Security Council for Citizens (CONASEC) has decreased in recent years.

“CONASEC meetings in the initial regulation were monthly, now they are quarterly and two of them are decentralized. The county and district councils stopped working. Until 2013, the Citizen Security Plan was implemented by this institution, then it was for five years, from 2013 to 2018 , and we currently have one from 2019 to 2023. That’s what the mayors and counties have to do, he indicated that within the plans, the leagues should be increased every year, but since they are not implemented now, they are almost gone.”Believes

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