1899, a Netflix series accused of plagiarism by the authors of Dark

1899a Brazilian cartoonist has accused the Netflix series of being created by plagiarism authors dark.

1899the Netflix series accused of plagiarism by a Brazilian cartoonist

1899 is one of the most anticipated events on Netflix in November, perhaps only on par with Wednesday Made by Tim Burton.

trailer 1899.

Created by the creators of another huge hit for the streaming platform, the German series darkAnd the 1899 It has everything it takes to become one of Netflix’s most watched shows, on par dark but also Weird things or Squid game. It is not surprising that he immediately took second place – behind the fifth season of the crown – in top ten from the platform. However, to destroy the filmmakers’ dreams of glory, the complaint came from a Brazilian cartoonist accusing the series of plagiarism.

1899 Accused of plagiarism, Brazilian cartoonist Marie Cagnen was shocked on Twitter: “She’s identical to my comic.”

in a long thread about it Official Twitter profileBrazilian cartoonist Mary Cagnin He recounted his amazement upon discovering the striking similarity between the Netflix series and one of his 2016 comics titled Black silence.

“I am in shock. This is the day I found out about it Series 1899 It’s just the same comic strip Black silencereleased in 2016.
I cried a lot. It has always been my dream to have my work recognized nationally and internationally… We know that in Brazil we have few opportunities to show and be recognized for our work.”

1899potential plagiarism in the series’ many similarities to the comic

Cagnin accompanied her remarks with Several tweets in which he pointed out the similarities Between some elements of the Netflix series and Comic Black silencefrom one Mysterious black pyramid Even really cool similarities regarding some of the characters and events related to them (including deaths…).

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The Brazilian cartoonist believes it is possible that the plagiarism may have originated with her participation, in 2017, in Gutenberg Book Fair, a literary event for the Swedish citizen to which he was invited by the Brazilian embassy. On that occasion, Cagnin recalls, he handed out Black silence to many publishers. “It’s not hard to imagine my work ending up in their hands.”he writes in a tweet referring to Netflix.
Los Gatos has not commented on the news at this time.

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