10-13. Spain opened the Super Final with a win over Australia

The Spanish men’s water polo teamthe world champion a few days ago in Budapest, is off to a good start in her search for her second challenge of the summer, Football World Cup Championship. These are from David Martin defeated before 10-13 to Australia In his first match in Strasbourg, belonging to the first day of Group A, in the first stage.

Alberto BarrosoWith four goals, he led the attack of the Spanish team that won all but the last groups. That’s yes, by that time they already had a comfortable 7-11 advantage that they didn’t miss to win. Spain once again showed their good defensive level to win the match.

shot of Sergio Cabanaswhich is an action on a buoy Miguel de Toro The counterattack culminated in this second match with a 0-3 score in the first five minutes of the match. Yes, two ultimate goals Matthew Burns Based on Chazz Pot They put Australia in the match 2-3 at the end of the first quarter.

The match entered the rhythm of the exchange of goals in the second set. aware of Martin Famous replied Blake Edwardswhile penalty kick converted by Alberto Barroso Followed by a goal outweighed Nathan Power (4-5). however, Bernat Snauga and Unai Bell I opened a gap just before the first half Chazz Pot Cut to 5-7.

Blake Edwards He put the Australians on point in the third quarter, after several fantastic minutes in it Unai Aguirre close his target. However, Spain reacted in the best possible way, with a star Alberto Barroso Which culminated in two games of supremacy and a counter-attack after he recovered to shoot the team up to 6-10. Matthew Burns and Fran Valera They scored to reach 7-11 in the last quarter.

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Spain had no problems in it to contain the Australian momentum. Roger Tahoe Dominate the attacks on the buoy to respond to the two “Australians”, first Nathan Power and after Blake Edwards. Matthew Burns Put excel in the final bars 10-13 final.

In this way, the team began its participation in Strasbourg with good feelings. This Saturday is a very important competitor waiting for him like Serbianin a main match to select the first place in the group that allows the most affordable cross, in advance, into the quarter-finals.

match sheet

10- Australia: Nick Porter (pictured), Kenan Marsden, George Ford, Charlie Negus, Nathan Bauer (2), Tom McGannett, Luke Pavilard, Matthew Burns (3), Riley Townsend, Tim Pott, Chazz Pott (2), Blake Edwards (3) ) and John Hedges (note)
13- Spain: Unai Aguirre (p), Agustí Pericas, Unai Biel (1), Bernat Sanahuja (1), Miguel de Toro (2), Fran Valera (1), Martin Famera (1), Sergi Cabanas (1), Roger Tahull (2) )), Alberto Barroso (4), Nico Paul, Alex Bustos and Edo Laureo (note)
Molecules: 2-3, 3-4, 2-4, 3-2
the reviewer: Darren Spiritosanto (USA) and Alessandro Severo (Italy). Seven expulsions to Australia and five to Spain
Accidents: Round 1 of Group A at the FIFA World Cup in Strasbourg

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