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Across Texas to Adelaide |

Baumgart plans to reunite the family in Australia

1. FC Köln ON A BIG US TOUR. Coach Steffen Baumgart (50) and his family are on a larger world tour…

Let’s go! After four days of 0:2 in Berlin, Cologne begins its US adventure, flying Wednesday at 10.05am from Frankfurt to Austin (Texas). FC America is visiting until November 24, as it takes a PR trip to bridge the first part of the long (68-day) World Cup break.

Surprisingly, Katja and Emilia Baumgart, wife and daughter of the head coach of Cologne, were also on flight LH 468. This has a touching background.

The dog must stay at home. Baumgart’s wife, Katja, and her daughter, Emilia, are traveling with them to Austin

Photo: Andreas Paul

The coach’s wife and eldest daughter are not officially part of the tour group, so they live in a different hotel in Austin. The actual purpose of the trip is an extra week in the future and brings the family back together for the first time after four months.

Baumgart explains to BILD: Our youngest daughter, Fiona, has been in Australia for a school year since mid-July. After the trip to the States, Katya, Emilia and I will fly directly to Adelaide via Melbourne and visit Fiona there. So it turns out they’ve had a look at Austin for a few days before that, and then we’ve been traveling together and not either of us or I’ll have to go back to Cologne first.”

Family reunion on the other side of the world.

Before the well-deserved family vacation, the coach is still in Austin performing his soccer club duties. On the program: a few training sessions with the team, a test kick against Stuttgart (November 19), plus visits to an NFL game and NASA. Above all, the community spirit lies after a grueling first half of the season.

The trip to Austin takes about 12 hours. A total of 22 players attend along with the coaching staff and officials (including chairman Werner Wulff). Sporting director Christian Keller, 43, is traveling to New York to meet representatives from the German Football League, the German-American Chamber of Commerce and a delegation from the Bahrain Football Association. After that, he, too, will come to Austin.

On the other hand, Baumgart and his family go under…

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