1-1. Emilio Gomez beats Laksonen and links Ecuador with Switzerland

Guayaquil (Ecuador), September 17. Emilio Gomez, the top seed from Ecuador, on Saturday defeated second-seeded Swiss Henri Laksonen 6-4 6-3, and tied the knot in the Group A World Series that is being held in the Ecuadorean resort of Salinas.

Gomez showed his changes in frontal technique and subtle to break Lacsonen’s tough every game on the Ecuadorean, which was cheered by the fans who attended Salinas Golf and Tennis Club, whose main course is called Andres Gomez, in his honour. For Emilio’s father.

Andres Gomez, who was one of the leading figures in local tennis, joined the Davis Cup team on countless occasions and was the winner of the 1990 Roland Garros, cheering his son from the stands from start to finish, after the lively match against Laksonen.

Laksonen prevented the Ecuadoreans from celebrating beforehand on several occasions, which caused great excitement for them, especially when he was 5-3 in the second set, where he was on the verge of reaching 5-4.

In the first match, Switzerland’s first racket, Marc-Andrea Heusler, beat Ecuador’s second racketeer, Roberto Queiroz, 6-4, 6-2.

Heusler’s dispatches and returns were crucial in imposing his tennis on the Ecuadorean, who used all of his resources, which were not enough to stop his opponent’s safety and accuracy.

Heusler’s point and performance could be decisive, as he will play again on Sunday in doubles and then in the showdown between the number one teams in both teams, against Emilio Gomez.

Sunday starts at 11:00 am (4:00 pm GMT) with the doubles match between Ecuadoreans Gonzalo Escobar and Diego Hidalgo against Swiss Marc-Andrea Husler and Dominic Stryker.

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After that, the two singles matches will be played. Gomez will do it with Heusler in a duel between the best of each team, and later the second will be measured from each country, Keyerose and Laksonen. EFE


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