✓ Consultation with a bonus of 500 thousand pesos | Who are the beneficiaries and when is the subsidy collected? | the answers

Government Announcing the transformation of the program which was created due to the covid-19 pandemic and Ivan Duque’s term in the presidency of Colombia, which granted a subsidy to poor and extremely poor families selected through Sisbén and the databases of the Department of Social Welfare.

For this reason, last Friday, October 28, the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro I mentioned that ‘500,000 pesos rewardwhich doesn’t have a set start date yet, but said the shift will be launched in these final months of 2022.

The 500,000 pesos bonus: who will benefit?

“The Solidarity Income Program, which Duque created in times of the pandemic and which ends on December 31, we are going to roll over into the remainder of the year, in such a way that the single mother of the household, the mother of children and girls, can get $500,000 a month.”The President of the Republic, who denied that the money comes from private pension funds, said that the resource will come out of the national budget.

as he said it Three million senior citizens who did not receive their pension will benefit most from this bonus, mothers who head households and drivers of public services.

How will the reward of 500 thousand pesos be paid?

According to the media, the support will be paid through 3 axes:

  • Basic Solidarity Pillar: An allowance of 500,000 pesos, half of the minimum wage, will be guaranteed to the three million poor elderly people who do not have a pension.
  • Contributing pillar: All workers would have to contribute to the Colpensiones on the basis of between one and four minimum wages, with the contribution which would guarantee them a basic pension under the average premium scheme. Within this, private money will also enter, because the reform will establish that people with incomes over four minimum wages freely decide where to contribute the surplus.
  • Complementary Voluntary Savings Pillar: In this, citizens who want to increase their pension can save in a voluntary fund.
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What is the date of payment of the 500 thousand pesos bonus?

So far, the payment date and recipients of the new subsidy confirmed by President Gustavo Petro are not known. It is important to remember that last May the Ministry of Finance calculated that there are approximately 5.6 million people who can apply for their pension, but do not receive a monthly income for various reasons.

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