▷ Damages to the US Nord Stream decision: “bitter taste”

20.05.2021 – 10:29

rbb – the radio station Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin (OTS)

The Director General of the German Eastern Committee for the Economy, Michael Harms, welcomed the fact that the United States does not want to impose any sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline for the time being.

In Inforadio from the rbb, Harms said Thursday:

“We welcome that, but my joy and optimism are limited. Of course nothing has changed in the basic position of the US Congress or the US administration. Second, the sanctions were suspended after that. But they were imposed after all. – Against the Russian ships and against the operating company and the corresponding CEO. A good sign but with a bitter taste. ”

For the future, the question also remains whether the pipeline can subsequently run smoothly. Harms says he also sees this as a political opportunity:

“We are not naive about the error in Russian policy and we deal with this clearly. But we believe that the more bridges we have, the more mutual dependencies we have, the more joint ventures we have – and then you can develop this project as well from an energy partnership to a climate partnership – whenever we can. Persuading Russia to change its behavior accordingly. ”

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