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Home World Jamaica's governor general suspends personal use of royal insignia for 'offensive image'

Jamaica’s governor general suspends personal use of royal insignia for ‘offensive image’

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, a representative of the British monarchy in Jamaica, announced this on Friday. Allen said he ceases personal use of the insignia of the Order of Sts. Michael and St. George because of its offensive implications, the statement said on the Governor-General’s website.
The markings are on one side illustrations of St. Michael and Satan, the British claim Royal Family Website, A picture posted on the governor-general’s website and featured by Allen depicts Satan as a dark-skinned man under the feet of a white archangel and recently sparked outrage in Jamaica.

In a statement, Allen said the suspension follows after acknowledging concerns raised by “citizens over the image on the medal and the growing global rejection of the use of items that normalize further degradation of people of color.”

Allen sent a letter to the Chancellor of the Order of St. Michael and St. George asking for a revision of the painting, recommending that it be “changed to reflect an inclusive picture of the common humanity of all peoples,” the statement said.

CNN contacted the palace press service for comment, but has not yet received a response.

Order of St. Michael and St. George recognizes service in a foreign country or in connection with foreign and common affairs, such as the work of foreign officials and diplomats, according to the royal website.

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